Goal met, Law principal will go bald

It looks like Jonathan Law High School principal Fran Thompson will be shaving his head.

Thompson said he would shave his head in January if the high school met its goal of raising $3,000 for the United Way. Last week, the goal was met.

Students, staff and families pledged money over a two-week period in a schoolwide effort to raise money for the United Way.

Gary Johnson, Milford United Way executive director, attended a Law United pep rally last Thursday, and school staff handed him a check for $3,053.

As part of the agreement, Thompson will have his head shaved during the broadcast journalism's morning show in January.

Kathy Bonetti, captain of the United Way campaign for the schools along with Louis Giancola and Jeff Cibulas, said each school has its own campaign goal.

The captains meet with school Superintendent Dr. Elizabeth Feser in October to figure out what the overall goal for the school district should be each year. For the past six years, the district-wide goal has been about $40,000. The district has never made the goal, but it has come close.

To develop the school goals, they take the district goal and figure out the ‘per capita’ rate, by school.

The United Way recently kicked off its current fund-raising campaign, announcing a goal of $875,000. That figure is much lower than a one-time high of more than $1 million.

“We are grateful for the generosity, trust and most importantly your commitment to helping us with our mission,” United Way officials said in a press release after receiving the Jonathan Law High School check.