Wakeman Boys & Girls Club runs time learning workshop

Wakeman Boys & Girls Club and DiscountWatchStore.com, an online watch retailer and local Connecticut business, recently taught more than 100 children in Southwestern Connecticut how to tell time, following a recent study that revealed only 20% of children could read time on an analog clock. In an interactive time workshop, children were educated on how to effectively read time in an engaging, activity-based format, with DiscountWatchStore.com donating more than 100 watches to kids at the community club.

The event was part of a nationwide initiative to highlight a significant problem with today’s youth in the digital age, allowing the youngsters the opportunity to learn a fundamental component of early childhood and development. The survey that was conducted prior to the workshop assessed more than 200 children between 8 to 11-years-old in the Gold Coast, with only 1 in 14 Connecticut-based children scoring full marks on a test and only 1 in 10 children even owning a watch.

"Being able to give back to our local Connecticut community is something that we are very passionate about and it was fantastic to not only educate the children on how to tell time, but see the smiles on their faces when being given their brand new watches,” said DiscountWatchStore.com owner Zai Zhu. “We are hoping to raise awareness for a problem within today’s society that has been ignored for too long and begin correcting it, not only within Connecticut, but with American youth as a whole.”

With clubhouses in Bridgeport and Southport, Wakeman Boys & Girls Club offers more than 100 annual programs to help its 4,300 members build self-esteem, acquire honest values and pursue productive futures.

“Wakeman Boys & Girls Club is delighted to have partnered with DiscountWatchStore.com to help educate our young members on the importance of telling time using analog clocks," said Program Director Jenn Vega. “Traditional clocks help young people learn and understand times zones, increase math skills and become more aware of the passage of time. These are vital skills that should not get lost as we progress with future technology.”

About the survey:

A survey consisting of 15 questions and split into 3 levels of varying difficulty was distributed to 204 children in Southwestern Connecticut between the ages of 8-11. Children unable to obtain a 70% mark in levels 1 and 2 or a 60% mark in level 3 were judged not to be able to tell time to an adequate level. Only 15 children out of the entire survey achieved full marks on the test, with 41 children achieving scores of a sufficient level. Based on the sample, findings and criteria stated it was revealed that 20% of children within the region were able to tell time.

Boys & Girls Club of America:

Wakeman is a member of Boys & Girls Clubs of America, annually serving nearly 4 million young people, through membership and community outreach, in nearly 4,000 Club facilities throughout the country, for over a century. Boys & Girls Clubs of America is a national organization of local chapters, which provide after-school programs for young people.


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