School superintendent discusses 'state of schools' with Economic Development Commission

Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Elizabeth Feser was invited to address the Economic Development Commission last week at its monthly meeting.

Dr. Feser presented a bright future for the public school system in Milford. She reported that the district and the state are shifting the curricular and instructional focus to reflect the new state standards and a new state test, which will be field tested this year.

The state is phasing out the current CMT/CAPT testing program and will be replacing it with one that will incorporate the Common Core State Standards.

“Work to align our curriculum to these new standards is underway,” Feser said. “When fully implemented, the revised curriculum will demand of students much more critical thinking and problem solving, and the state test will be far more rigorous than the current CMT and CAPT.”

The success of the Advanced Placement (AP) results more than exceeded expectations and shows a real trend towards better college preparedness, school officials said.

There has been a 77% increase in AP course enrollment and the number of AP exams taken has tripled from 2007-2013.

“Even taking one AP exam makes a difference in college applications,” Feser told the commission.

AP exams are scored on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the best. The number of AP exams scoring at 3 or better in the Milford public high schools increased by 71% over 2011.

Chairman of the Commission Robert Kapusta said he was impressed with Feser’s presentation.

“When the Milford Board of Education hired Dr. Feser, they struck gold,” he said.