Milford Enrichment showcases talent at annual talent show

Milford Enrichment Students from across the district — eight elementary schools, three middle schools and Jonathan Law High School —  recently gathered for an annual talent show at West Shore Middle School.
Kelly Warters, on behalf of the Milford Association for Gifted Education PTA, organized the event to bring together the polished, quirky and creative gifts and talents of local young people.  Benjamin Warters, an Enrichment Program alumni and junior at Jonathan Law High School, shared his talents again this year as sound engineer and technology guru.

Student participants shared poetry (Saher); fashion lines they designed (Keira); classical guitar duets (Brayden and Liam); Irish dance (Amy); science (Shane); and Tae Kwon Doe (JT).

Enrichment Teacher Tom Stack, who teaches at four elementary schools in Milford, lightened the evening as emcee, encouraging each student. Stack even helped Giuliana showcase her American Doll original outfits by dancing the dolls on stage.

A Rubik’s Cube Challenge was a crowd pleaser. The packed house of more than 200 hushed as nine students studied their cubes and broke into a mad frenzy of twists and turns, applying algorithms to solve. The first to finish threw his Rubik’s Cube down and raised his hands; the crowd went wild. Parents exchanged comments: “I used to just move the stickers around,” and “Can you believe they are so excited about a toy from the 80s?”

Stack continued to run challenge heats in the back of the cafeteria during the show.

For some students, this was their first chance to stand on stage and share their talent. Whether confident and well-rehearsed from years of practice or self-conscious and a little scared, the student performers and student supporters said they gained new insights into diversity, science, math, literature, music, art, drama and technology.