Law Class of 1965 needs help solving a mystery: What happened to the time capsule

The Jonathan Law High School Class of 1965 will be celebrating its 50th reunion the weekend of October 2, and is asking for the community’s help in solving a time capsule mystery.
The Class of 1965 was the first class to attend the new high school all four years. Law opened in September of 1961.
When Jonathan Law High School opened that September in 1961 there was a time capsule buried in front of the school, according to classmate Nancy Zellner.
“Many of us remember that warm day when the whole school gathered outside the front of the school around the flagpole,” Zellner said. “It was an official ceremony to dedicate the opening of the school plus, we believe, close the time capsule and bury it. It was to be dug up and opened 50 years later in 2011. To the best of any of our knowledge this never happened. Several of our classmates have tried to track this down.”
As the first four-year class to attend Jonathan Law High School now celebrates its 50 year reunion, reunion organizers very much want to locate the time capsule and open it during their reunion weekend.
“But where was it buried? How can we locate it? If we locate it, how do we get permission to dig it up?” Zellner said.
If anyone knows the answers, they are asked to contact Linda Hardiman at