Lauralton students use underwater cameras to monitor mussel bed

Lauralton Hall biology students and their science teacher April Kelley, in collaboration with Frank Gallo, associate director of the CT Audubon Coastal Center, will launch three student-built ROVs (underwater remotely operated vehicles) to monitor a newly formed mussel bed in Long Island Sound with underwater cameras.

The students will gather today at the Connecticut Audubon Center at Milford Point, and then walk to a nearby beach.

Students will collect and analyze water samples, image the bed to determine its size and mussel densities, and collect  mussels. Water samples will be tested for temperature, salinity, pH, nitrate &  phosphate concentrations.

Due to changing shoreline characteristics, the Audubon naturalists are interested in monitoring the bed’s formation, particularly any possible lead contamination from the Remington Gun Club formerly located at Stratford Point, according to a school press release.