Kids solve everyday problems with Invention Convention ideas

Maceo Regan, a local kindergarten student, invented a special sleeve that doubles as a tissue.

He calls it the Snotty Sleeve.

The material is the length of his arm, wraps around his arm and is secured by Velcro®. It’s great for kids who tend to wipe their nose on their sleeve, he said.

There were other kid-designed inventions at this year’s Invention Convention, which was held March 11 at Jonathan Law High School.

Kaitlin Dobkowski, a middle school student, invented the portable pocket, a pocket that attaches to a belt and which she says is very handy when your clothes don’t have built-in pockets.

The Milford Public Library and the Milford Education Foundation recently held a free program at the library, readying local students to present their ideas at the fourth annual Milford Invention Convention this past Saturday.

Milford finalists will advance to Regional Semifinals, where they will compete for a spot at the 34th Annual Connecticut Invention Convention.

Mayor Ben Blake was among local officials and residents getting a look at the inventions last weekend in the Jonathan Law High School gym.

He didn’t have a favorite.

“They’re all good,” the mayor said. “One is better than the next. They are all very practical.”

Semilola Obayomi invented a practical solution for the people who hate making their beds. It’s a bed that sort of makes itself. All the covers are sewn together: There’s enough leeway to get under the covers and then out again, but the bed stays pretty much “made.”

Jake Arneth invented an automatic guinea pig cage cleaner called EZ Cleaner 2000; Nathaniel Seluga came up with Thirst Thriller candy. He makes the hard candies himself, and they are designed to quench your thirst.

James Clinton strung LED lights into the front of a pair of slippers to invent light-up slippers, and Liam Young invented a device for watering the Christmas tree. A long tube is equipped with a mirror, so you can see if the tree stand is empty without bending down to look.

This year’s winners, who will move on to the regional semifinals, are as follows:

Skyler Agresti from Harborside; Sathvik Alla from Mathewson, James Allen from East Shore, Gianluca Armellino from West Shore; Kaitlin Dobkowski from East Shore, Lylah Eckert from Harborside; David Grant-Eckhart from Harborside, Harshitha Kothapalli from JFK, Nihitha Kothapalli from West Shore, Steven Mingrone from Harborside, Quinn Sclafani from West Shore, Nathaniel Seluga from East Shore, Anika Thite from Harborside, Sadie Timmeny from Pumpkin Delight, Shriya Vaid from JFK.