Kid Governor from Milford sworn in Friday in Hartford

Jessica Brocksom of Milford was sworn in as Connecticut Kid Governor by Connecticut Secretary of the State Denise Merrill last Friday in front of a gathering of students, teachers and legislative leaders.

Jessica, a fifth grade student at John F. Kennedy Elementary, learned on Nov. 23 that she had won the statewide election and would be serving as Connecticut’s Kid Governor for the 2017 season.

Jessica eloquently thanked officials and fifth graders when she took the podium at the event.

“I have always loved animals and knew that some were not being treated right,” she said, adding that she finds it an incredible honor to be named Kid Governor. She said the post will allow her to fight for better treatment of animals and inspire others to do the same.

The program, now in its second year, was created by the Connecticut Public Affairs Network and is sponsored by the Connecticut Council for the Social Studies and the State Department of Education.

As part of her duties, Jessica will make appearances throughout the state, contribute to a Connecticut Kid Governor blog, and fulfill speaking engagements based on her platform issue: The humane treatment of animals.

She plans to lobby for tougher laws against people who are cruel to animals and educate the community about cruelty issues.

Jessica was elected out of seven candidates from around the state to serve as Connecticut Kid Governor.

More than 4,400 registered fifth graders across the state participated in this year’s election.

Those in attendance at the inauguration Friday included students and teachers from John F. Kennedy School and other schools who had a final candidate in the election, as well as various dignitaries and legislative leaders.

Following Jessica’s inauguration, students participated in a day-long educational program where they explored Connecticut’s Old State House, met representatives from the state’s three branches of government and took part in other civics-related activities.

Over the next year, Jessica will work with the team at the Connecticut Public Affairs Network (CPAN) to achieve her campaign goals by maintaining a blog, meeting with constituents, taking part in CPAN public programs, and encouraging students across the state to take action in promoting the humane treatment of animals.