Jonathan Law Post Prom starts GoFundMe campaign

The Jonathan Law High School Post Prom Committee has started a GoFundMe campaign to start raising money for this school year’s post prom.

“Every year thousands of teenagers attend proms as part of their high school experience,” the site states. “Many want to continue having fun after the prom, but  there are few options (if any) for collaborative fun in a safe and supervised environment.

“This is where our committee comes in,” the posting states. “Each year parents of Jonathan Law  High School students in Milford, CT work to put on a fun and exciting after prom event. We, along with teachers, local leaders, business people and school administrators, want to ensure post prom fun is had by all in a safe and supervised manner.”

This year’s post prom will take place May 20 at the Sports Center in Shelton. The committee is renting the entire venue, which includes skating, arcade games, dancing, laser tag, bowling, a driving range and batting cages.

The gofundme page is

In addition to the GoFundMe page, the group also has a Facebook page.