Jonathan Law High School Sports Booster Club awards $3,500 in scholarships

All senior athletes were celebrated at the annual Senior Sports Banquet held on May 23 and sponsored by Jonathan Law Athletics. Special recognition and scholarships were awarded by the Jonathan Law High School Sports Booster Club.
Four scholarships were awarded to senior athletes who best exemplify dedication, commitment and spirit both on and off the field. Recipients are Tyler McKenna-Hansen, Cali Jolley, James Coleman and Colin White.
The Lawman Courage Award and Scholarship was awarded to Amira Samih in recognition of her perseverance and sportsmanship.
The honorees of the Lawman Ironman Award are Samantha Franzman and Cali Jolley for successfully completing 12 seasons of varsity athletics.
The Lawman Award for senior athletes who have completed 12 seasons of athletics was awarded to Dan Wasserman, Ethan Fancher, James Coleman, Abigail Bernstein, Amira Samih, Patrick Hall, Ethan Deer and Tyler McKenna-Hansen.