AAA: CT gas prices, 8th highest in the nation

Connecticut has moved up another spot on the list of states with the highest gas price averages. At today’s $3.15, the Nutmeg State now holds the 8th place on the list of states with the highest gas price averages in the nation. Today’s average is $.03 cents higher compared to this time last week.

In CT, two regions — Greater Bridgeport and Lower Fairfield County — are showing the highest averages with $3.21 and $3.20, respectively.

  • Greater Bridgeport $3.21

  • Lower Fairfield County $3.20

  • New Haven/Meriden $3.13

  • Greater Hartford $3.13  

  • New London/Norwich $3.17

  • Windham/Middlesex $3.15

  • Statewide average $3.15

Today’s national average prices at $2.97 are $.04 cents higher than last week although prices have remained steady over the last five days. A report that OPEC may raise production levels to easy global supply concerns immediately brought down the price of crude to around $68 a barrel.

“This may be an indication that prices are stabilizing,” said Fran Mayko, AAA Northeast spokesman. “And will be welcome relief to motorists, especially those in Connecticut, who are paying the highest prices to fill up since 2014.”

Today, South Carolina registers the lowest average per-gallon prices in the nation at $2.65, followed by Mississippi and Alabama, both at $2.66. California and Hawaii continue to lead the pack with highest prices at $3.74 and $3.71 respectively.