Operation Fuel's Add-a-Dollar program underway

Operation Fuel wants to remind Connecticut residents that they can help families keep their electricity on this summer by making a small donation through its Add-a-Dollar program on utility bills. Operation Fuel uses 100% of donations to the Add-a-Dollar program for energy assistance.

When the Winter Protection program ends on Tuesday, May 1, thousands of Connecticut households will be in danger of having their electricity or gas service terminated during the spring and summer. During 2017, more than 52,000 households were disconnected. Operation Fuel will help as many families and individuals as possible in an effort to assure that they will be safe in their own homes. Anyone who needs energy assistance should call 211.

“This past fiscal year, the Add-a-Dollar program helped more than 1,300 households with their energy bills. But we want to increase that number. There are still many utility customers who are not participating in the program. Every dollar donated through Add-a-Dollar goes directly to providing energy assistance to families and individuals who are in financial crisis. If everyone were to add one dollar to their monthly utility bill, it would make a tremendous difference,” explained Brenda Watson, Operation Fuel’s Executive Director.

Utility customers can add a dollar when they pay their utility bill by check or online. Utility customers who wish to donate more than one dollar, or who want to contribute automatically each month to Operation Fuel, should contact their utility company directly.

This past fiscal year, $665,387 was raised through the Add-a-Dollar program; $518,563 was from utility customers’ donations and $146,824 was in utility provided shareholder-matching funds.

In addition to the Add-a-Dollar program, donations for Operation Fuel may be made online at operationfuel.org or mailed to Operation Fuel, 75 Charter Oak Avenue, Suite 2-240, Hartford, CT 06106. Operation Fuel is a statewide nonprofit organization that provides emergency energy assistance year-round to lower-income working families and individuals, the elderly, and disabled individuals who are in financial crisis.