LETTER: Celebrate Earth Day at Connecticut Audubon Society

To the Editor:

Let me extend an invitation to the Connecticut Audubon Society's supporters to celebrate Earth Day 2016 by visiting our centers and sanctuaries this weekend.

Birds are returning — you'll hear Field Sparrows and waterthrushes, and see oystercatchers and Ospreys — and the forecast is for beautiful weather.

This is also a perfect time to share with you the vision that guides all our efforts:

  • At the Connecticut Audubon Society, we will work to maintain and improve our state's natural habitats for the betterment of Connecticut's residents, birds and other wildlife, and to make our state a model of sustainability and environmental awareness for the nation.

  • Our vision is that Connecticut's natural areas will support a full complement of birds and wildlife; will provide numerous, high-quality opportunities for birding and other nature-related outdoor activities; and will benefit the population at large by providing ecosystem services such as clean water and clean air.

  • It is also our vision that Connecticut's residents will recognize and appreciate the beauty and importance of nature, and have an understanding of its basic functions and of how their actions affect the natural world for better or worse.

Thank you sincerely for all your support throughout the year!
Nelson North
Executive Director