It’s “double nickels” for Connecticut and the nation.

Average gas prices in Connecticut and on the national level are down 55 cents this week compared this time last year, thanks to a gasoline glut on the market and lower crude oil prices, says AAA Northeast.

On Monday, July 18, a gallon of regular gas in Connecticut averages $2.36, while nationally prices are averaging $2.21.

For Connecticut, those prices are three cents lower than last week; while nationally, the prices are two cents lower than this time last week. In both cases, price averages are at their lowest since mid-May.

Statewide and national prices have been dropping steadily since mid-June after the markets experienced some expected seasonal increases in late spring. The average price of gas peaked in Connecticut at around $2.47 in mid-June while nationally the price peaked at $2.38 around the same time.

AAA’s weekly survey of prices in the Nutmeg State’s four regional areas as follows:

Greater Bridgeport/Stamford $2.44, New Haven/Meriden $2.34, Greater Hartford $2.34, New London/Norwich $2.35. Statewide average: $2.36.

California and Hawaii at $2.85 and $2.82 continue to lead the pack of states with the highest average prices. South Carolina at $1.88 continues to be the state with the lowest price. Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Alabama are next with the lowest prices at $1.97.