The baby giant anteater at Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo has been named “Tupi” as a result of the zoo’s “Name the Baby Giant Anteater” online contest. Tupi was born July 30.

The winning name is the name of an indigenous people that lived in Brazil many years ago, and also refers to the anteater in general as translated in the Tupi and Brazilian Portuguese languages. The contest engaged hundreds of voters on Facebook, some who wrote in their own names for the baby.

Female anteaters give birth to one offspring and the baby rides on mom’s back for the first several months of life, occasionally venturing off not too far from mom to explore its surroundings. Tupi and his mother Pana will be outside for guests to view into the fall, until the temperatures fall below 50 degrees.

The giant anteater parents came to the zoo from Palm Beach Zoo in Florida. Both Pana and E.O., Tupi’s father, are nine years old. They arrived in late May 2015 and are a highlight of the Pampas Plains habitat, which opened in August 2015. Featuring animals from the Pampas region of Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil, Pampas Plains represents phase one of the zoo’s South American Adventure habitat.