Two arrested in illegal towing case

Two people from Steve’s Auto Sales at 219 Naugatuck Avenue have been arrested in connection with the illegal towing of vehicles in October.

In October 2017, Milford police received several complaints about possible illegal towing of vehicles.

An investigation showed that on Oct. 1, 2 and 3, motor vehicles were towed by Steve’s Auto Sales without anyone asking for the vehicles to be towed. This, police said, led to the vehicle owners being charged to get their vehicles back from the company.

Representatives from Steve’s Auto Sales, Nicole Berg, 24, of Milford and Stephen Verity, 27, of Beacon Falls were developed as the responsible parties involved in the towing, police said.

Berg and Verity are charged with several counts of larceny and were released from police custody on their promise to appear in court Feb. 6.

Verity had already been arrested late last year by Stratford police for reportedly towing cars without permission from two Stratford businesses.

Police said Verity, who owns Steve’s Auto Sales, had towed at least 10 cars from the parking lots of the Dock Shopping Center and the Sherwood Apartments between Oct. 1 and 9.

“Verity took it upon himself to find ‘violations’ in the parking lot and towed the vehicles without the consent of the property owners as required by state law,” Stratford police said in a press statement.