Police say man cheated when using self-scan register at Lowes

A Bridgeport man was arrested on a warrant Jan. 22 for scanning lesser-priced items at the self-checkout at Lowes and leaving the store with higher-priced items, according to police.

Avelino Ribeiro, 33, of Burnsford Avenue in Bridgeport, was charged with larceny, and he was released from police custody on his promise to appear in court Feb. 17.

Police said they received a complaint Aug. 11 about serveral thefts that had taken place at the store on Old Gate Lane. An investigation, they said, indicated that a man entered the store on four separate occasions — in April, May, July and August — and took merchandise with a total value of $796.

“The suspect would go to the self-checkout and purchase an item of lower value than the item taken,” police said in their report.