Police nab tip jar thief

UPDATE: Police were led to the suspect in this week's tip jar theft from a local bakery with the assistance of the general public, who saw the posting on social media.

"Once we found her she confessed to our officers," said Police Department Spokesman Michael DeVito. "Warrant is pending."

Scratch Baking in Milford and the Milford police asked for help earlier in the week identifying a woman they said stole a tip jar Dec. 9 from the popular downtown bakery. Surveillance video showing the incident was posted on Twitter. DeVito said people who saw the clip and knew the suspect called to share the information.

Click here to see a video posted on the Milford Police Department Twitter page.

DeVito said the tip jar contained about $100.

Police remind business owners and employees to be mindful of tip jars that are unattended.