Motel fight: Man stabbed in leg while strangling companion

A Milford man is in police custody today following an early morning domestic argument that turned violent.
Police said the dispute took place at 12:43 a.m. April 6 at the Mayflower Motel, 219 Woodmont Road.
A call was reportedly made from the hotel for emergency medical services.
Police said that Matthew Andrews, 33, whom they said lives at the motel, was involved in a domestic disturbance with a companion. During the incident, Andrews allegedly was strangling the companion when another occupant of the motel room stabbed him in the leg with a knife.
Andrews suffered a minor injury, for which he was treated and later released from a medical facility.
He was taken into custody by investigators upon his release from the medical facility. Police noted that he was in violation of a criminal protective order issued from the court.
Andrews is accused of the following offenses.
• Strangulation 3rd degree 53a-64cc
• Assault 3rd degree 53a-61
• Violation of a Standing Criminal Protective Order 53a-223a
• Disorderly Conduct 553a-182
• Risk of Injury (4 counts) 53-21
Andrews is being held on a $100,000 bond and is expected to be arraigned at Milford Superior Court today.