Milford police arrest man on fraud and larceny charges

Milford police arrested Armandito Ortiz, 37, of Danbury after they investigated several complaints regarding fraudulent sales and larcenies involving a former independent contractor performing services for Invent Help.
Police say Ortiz was hired as an independent contractor for Invent Help to sell their services to interested clients. A Milford Police Department detective met with several customers who had contact with Ortiz regarding inventions they were seeking assistance in presenting their ideas to the industry and referring the clients to patent attorneys.
As a result of the investigations, police found that four customers had provided Ortiz with funds totaling $59,050 for services regarding their inventions from 2012 - 2014.
A representative from the company assisted the police department, confirming that Ortiz did not forward the customers’ payments to them and that the contracts he allegedly sold them were valued far less than the funds Ortiz collected from the victims.
As a result of the investigations, a warrant was issued for Ortiz’s arrest.
Upon determining there was a problem with their purported contracts, the customers contacted the company who cooperated with police and compensated the victims with refunds and/or new contracts.
On May 24, 2015, the Milford Police Department took Ortiz into custody regarding the outstanding warrant for his arrest. Ortiz was charged with first-degree larceny.
He is being held on a $250,000 and is expected to be arraigned at Milford Superior Court on May 26.
Anyone who may have had similar contact with Armandito Ortiz is asked to contact Detective Richard Frawley at 203 783 4808 or email him at