Milford man held on $1.1 million bond on domestic violence charges

A Milford man’s bond was set at $1.1 million when he was arrested on a warrant Jan. 16 for three separate incidents of domestic violence.

Police said that on Dec. 19, Christopher Millhouse, 37, of New Haven Avenue, went to 53 West Orland Street in violation of a court-issued protective order prohibiting him from being at the residence and having contact with a companion living there.

The second warrant involved a complaint that Millhouse allegedly assaulted another companion on Dec. 24. Millhouse is accused of restraining a companion by the neck, forcefully throwing her into a bathroom fixture and damaging her cell phone.

The third warrant accuses Millhouse of failing to appear in court on Jan. 9 for a Dec. 31 incident, again at the 53 West Orland Street home. Police said that incident involved burglary, home invasion, unlawful restraint, assault, interfering with an emergency call and criminal mischief.

Among the list of charges Millhouse faces are violating a protective order, assault, disorderly conduct, strangulation, criminal mischief and failure to appear in court.

He was held in police custody in lieu of the $1.1 million bond.