Man bites Macy's employee after using fake credit cards

One man reportedly bit a Macy’s employee at the Westfield mall in Milford after he and another man used fake credit cards to buy more than $12,000 if gift cards.

The Milford Police Department received a complaint from Macy’s department store in Milford Dec. 22 regarding two suspects who purchased several store gift cards with multiple fraudulent credit cards.

An investigation revealed that the two suspects entered the store and purchased a total of 31 store gift cards using credit cards that were later determined to be counterfeit. The total value of the gift cards was $12,400, police said.

Police recovered several counterfeit credit cards from the two suspects. One of the suspects bit a store employee on the hand after becoming combative with them at the store. Both suspects were taken into police custody.

Charles Hamilton, 26 of Tampa, Florida was charged with larceny, conspiracy to commit larceny and illegal use of a credit card and credit card theft, forgery and robbery.

Akeem Henry, 26 of New York, New York was charged with larceny, conspiracy to commit larceny, illegal use of a credit card, credit card theft, credit card fraud, unlawful reproduction of credit cards and forgery.

Both were held in lieu of $250,000 bonds.