Indiana man urinates on Milford Police Department floor after arrest for spousal assault

Milford police arrested Gabriel Brooks, 41, of Gary, Indiana on a variety of charges after he was apprehended for assaulting his spouse inside a local motel room on March 3.
Police accuse Brooks of damaging his spouse’s cell phone and throwing her to the ground causing her to hit her head. Brooks also allegedly damaged the Rowe Avenue motel room after throwing the victim’s personal belongings against the wall.
During his booking process at the police department, Brooks allegedly urinated on the floor during two separate occasions. Police say Brooks refused to be fingerprinted during his arrest.
He is charged with third-degree assault, three counts of disorderly conduct, third-degree criminal mischief, interfering with an emergency call and failure to comply with fingerprint requirements.
Brooks was held at the time of his arrest on a $5,000 bond.