Harborside Middle School okay after earlier evacuation for carbon monoxide

Harborside Middle School students were evacuated to the Parsons Complex Friday morning after there were reports of elevated carbon monoxide levels.
Early in the day, several Harborside students felt ill during their chorus practice in the cafeteria, said school spokesperson Kathy Bonetti.

The fire department and health department were contacted and they performed tests at the school.
Students and staff were evacuated to the Parsons Complex, which is within walking distance of Harborside.

The students were welcome to stay at Parsons, but some were been picked up by parents.
Testing will continue at the school to determine the cause of the elevated levels.

Principal Gordon Beinstein has issued messages to the families of Harborside students, indicating their children were safe and being housed at Parsons.

Bonetti said 100 students were evaluated by medical professionals, and everyone is okay.