Hacked social media account led to shut-down at West Shore earlier this week

Police say an out-of-state resident who hacked into an acquaintance’s social media account is responsible for sending threatening messages to West Shore Middle School students, shutting the school down for a day earlier this week.
“Investigators have been collaborating with out-of-state law enforcement authorities regarding an individual police have identified as being responsible for this incident,” Police Spokesman Jeff Nielsen said in a news release Friday. “Further investigation has revealed that the original threat was made by an individual using an acquaintance’s user name and password information to access their social media account.”
The individual allegedly distributed threatening messages to students of the West Shore School community. The threat was determined to be non-credible on June 10, after the suspect was located at his residence out of state.
Police are continuing with the investigation and criminal charges are pending for the individual, police said.
The Milford Board of Education suspended school at West Shore Middle School on Wednesday to ensure the safety and security of students and staff.
Also, in addition to the four School Resource Officers already in Milford's schools, the police department provided an increased police presence and assistance to the schools.