Gas leak cleared area near St. Ann's School

Milford 911 received a call at 11 am reporting a gas leak at 494 Naugatuck Avenue, near St. Ann’s School.

Arriving units found that a Regional Water Authority work crew had ruptured an unmarked two-inch gas line that supplied the St. Ann's School building.

“The fire department immediately set up protective hose lines in the road and the police department began evacuations of the nearby buildings,” said Fire Department Spokesman Greg Carman.

Fire crews used gas meters to check the surrounding areas, but found no dangerous levels that warranted any further action.

Southern Connecticut Gas Company crews arrived to access the gas shut off in the road, stopped the flow of gas and are now in the process repairing the damaged gas line. The scene was declared under control at 12:27 p.m. and fire crew began to clear the scene.