Elderly resident scammed out of more than $8,600

An elderly Milford resident was cheated out of more than $8,600 in a phone scam Nov. 10, and local police are warning residents not to fall victim to the same mistake.

Police said the victim received a phone call from an unknown man informing her that she won $15 million dollars and two cars in a sweepstakes. The caller told her she would need to pay money prior to having the prizes released to her and instructed her to purchase Money Pack cards to accomplish this.

The victim followed the instructions, purchasing several Money Pack cards over a three-day period and provided the Money Pack transaction number from the back of each card to the caller.

A family member became aware of the scam and contacted the police department.

In addition, the relative discontinued the phone service and contacted Money Pack Fraud Services regarding these activities. The calls were made from phone numbers beginning with area codes of 876 and 702.

Police recommend that people following to avoid being scammed.

Do not respond to phone calls, letters or emails that claim you have won a lottery or sweepstakes.

Do not provide personal and/or financial information to people you do not know.

Never provide your Money Pack number to someone you do not know.

Refuse any offer that asks you to buy a Money Pack card and share the number by email or phone.

Do not use Money Pack or electronic wiring services to pay “taxes or fees” to claim winnings for foreign lottery or prize promotions.