Police warn of disturbing video virus circulating on Facebook

The Milford Police Department has been made aware of the following information through local and neighboring school districts.

A virus in the form of a disturbing pornographic video involving a young child is attacking Facebook. Reportedly the video has been received by several area high school students on their personal Facebook accounts, Milford police said.

Police investigators have learned that the virus appears as a friend sharing a video. If the video is opened, it attaches to the individual’s Facebook account and is sent to “Facebook friends” of the person who opened the message.

The video will look like it is coming from a friend but it is, in fact, a virus. Also, this video is likely to affect numerous students because the individual who alerted the police was a student who opened the video.

“The video is graphic and would be very disturbing to anyone who views it,” police said. “If your child has a Facebook account, please alert him or her to refrain from clicking on any shared videos. The recommendation is to delete the video immediately. Anyone who may have opened this virus message is asked to contact the Milford Police Department to file a police report.”