Police searching for man posing as ‘electric company’ worker

Milford police are investigating a suspicious incident involving a man posing as an “electric company” worker to gain entrance into a Meadowside Road home.

According to the complaint, a male went to the home of an elderly couple on the afternoon of Tuesday, Feb. 12 and identified himself as being with the “electric company.”

The man told the couple that there were power problems in the neighborhood and he requested access to the basement to check the meter.

The male is described as being a white male in his 20’s, tall and having a thin build and dark hair. The homeowners said he was not wearing any kind of uniform or reflective vest.

According to the complaint, the male had the couple accompany him to the basement where he then instructed one of them to turn a light switch on and off sixty times and count out load.

As this was being done, the male opened the electrical panel and turned some breakers on and off. The male then returned to the upstairs of the home and left.

The homeowners asked the male his name and he said he would leave a card in their mail box, there was no information found in the mail box.

Police say they contacted representatives from the United Illuminating company and they stated that no one from their company was at the home and that they would not ask to go to the basement of a house to look at a meter, all the meter work is done outside the home.

At this time nothing has been found missing from the home, however police are still investigating. Police are asking those that may have had similar incidents occur or who may have witnessed a suspicious person matching the above description contact the department at 203-878-6551.

Police are reminding homeowners to verify the identity of any person who indicates they are from a utility company before letting them into their home, especially if it is an unsolicited visit.

Additionally, police say that there have been reports of suspicious persons offering to perform snow removal and roof clearing for residents in the western side of the city.

Police are cautioning residents to verify all such solicitations prior to offering work of any kind to avoid being a victim of a contractor scam.