Police investigating distribution of United Klans flyers in Milford

The Milford Police Department is currently investigating a complaint regarding United Klans of America flyers being distributed in Milford neighborhoods on July 8.

According to Milford Police Press Information Officer Jeffrey Nielsen, these flyers were in plastic zip lock bags with rocks inside of them. The flyers reference a neighborhood watch message from the United Klans of America.

Nielsen says police are aware of the distribution of these flyers and are monitoring the situation. Investigators do not believe this neighborhood watch is a legitimate program and are encouraging residents interested in forming a neighborhood watch program to contact their local police department.

Police are asking anyone who may have witnessed these being distributed or any residents who may have received them to contact the Milford Police Department at 203-878-6551.

The Milford Police Department will be sending a message regarding this matter to these neighborhoods through the Milford alerts system.

Milford alerts is a city-wide notification system offered to citizens which police say enhances the police department’s ability to disseminate information to the public via phone, e-mail and text messaging.

The Milford Police Department offers neighborhood watch training to residents and assistance with organizing these kinds of programs. For further information please contact the Milford Police Department Crime Prevention Unit at 203-874-2366.