Police commended for saving lives

Two Milford police officers received commendations in December for saving the lives of residents attempting to commit suicide.

On Sept. 17, Officer Cameron Luth was dispatched to a private residence regarding a suicidal man, according to minutes from the Dec. 10 Milford Police Commission meeting.

“When Officer Luth arrived at the scene he found the individual outside with deep lacerations to various parts of neck and body,” the meeting minutes state.

The officer immediately administered first aid until the fire department arrived and provided further treatment before taking the man to the hospital.

“Luth has also received recognition from the Milford Fire Department as well for his extreme efforts with this incident,” meeting minutes state.

Officer William Barbour received a commendation for his action July 11, when he also prevented the death of a suicidal man.

“While on private duty in the area of Bridgeport Avenue, Officer Barbour heard the call come in regarding a suicidal male,” meeting minutes state. “He proceeded to the reported location and found the male, who had attempted to hang himself. He immediately cut him down, saving his life.”

Police Commissioner Alberta Jagoe commended the officers and added that Milford is fortunate to have officers like this who have saved people’s lives.

Milford Police Chief Keith Mello later commented that police are saving more lives today with first aid and CPR, as well as the use of Narcan in the case of opioid overdose.

He said Milford has very qualified police officers, firefighters and paramedics.

“We are saving lives,” Mello said.