Pay attention so you don’t block the box

With the holiday shopping season here and the increase in motorists traveling through concentrated retail areas within Milford, local police have designated two intersections on the Boston Post Road as “do not block the intersection” areas.

Those two areas — the Boston Post Road and its intersections with Cedarhurst Lane and East Town Road — have signs posted advising motorists that blocking the intersection is prohibited and violators are subject to a $117 fine. In addition, white lines are painted on the pavement, which clearly identify the boundaries of these intersections to motorists.

“By keeping these intersections clear, the traffic flow will significantly improve for everyone traveling on the roadways throughout the year and especially during peak shopping times,” police said in a prepared release. “Blocking intersections has a negative impact on an emergency vehicle’s response to an accident scene or a crime in progress.”

The Milford Police Department will be concentrating on this violation through education and enforcement at these designated roadway intersections.

Although poor planning of traffic patterns around the mall probably helped to create the problem, we at The Milford Mirror advise residents to take special caution while driving near the mall this holiday season. To avoid “blocking the box,” the driver has to anticipate how far the car in front of him will get before the light turns red so as not to be caught in the intersection. So we encourage residents to look around when they are near the traffic lights there: Get a handle on where the traffic light is and whether your car stands a chance of making it through the green light before moving into the intersection.

Finding money for the holiday season is tough enough without having to spend a present’s worth on a traffic violation.