Firefighters carry elderly woman from storm-stranded car Monday

Milford experienced some flooding during this week’s snowstorm, according to Fire Battalion Chief Anthony Fabrizi, who said firefighters carried one elderly woman from her stranded car to safe ground during the storm.

An elderly resident mistakenly drove her vehicle into an area of flooded roadway on Milford Point Road between 1st Avenue and Seaview Avenue Monday, causing the car to stall. The crew of Engine Co. 4 entered the water and carried the driver to safety.

“We did experience some moderate flooding along the coastal streets where it’s to be expected,” Fabrizi explained. “Residents of those areas were notified by phone via the Everbridge notification system, as well as the shoreline early warning public address loudspeaker. Residents were advised of the conditions and to move their vehicles to higher ground.”

Fabrizi said there is some continued flooding today in the same areas that are prone.