Car break-ins reported in West Rutland area

There was a rash of vehicle break-ins on Haystack Road, Cornfield Drive and West Rutland Street Monday night into Tuesday morning, according to a resident who lives in the area.
Many cars were targeted and police were on the scene, the resident said.

“The officer stated that they were the pickiest criminals he had ever experienced,” the resident said. “They went for cars that were unlocked (unfortunately because we have all felt very safe in our neighborhood that was a lot of cars) and rifled through consoles and glove boxes seeming to take only what was easily removable. They took money and small electronics but for the most part left stereos and connected electronics, with the exception, I heard, of a car which had its stereo ripped out.”

One neighbor lost a laptop and his wife’s purse was taken, the resident added. “They found the purse in the yard with the cash removed but not the credit cards.”

Another woman’’s van was “trashed,” the neighbor said.

When these break-ins have happened in the past, police have warned about the importance of locking cars when not being used.