News Alert: August Wolf suspends senate campaign

August Wolf, a Stamford businessman petitioning to run for the U.S. Senate as a Republican, announced today that he is suspending his campaign.

Wolf filed paperwork for his candidacy in May 2015, but failed to secure the nomination at the state Republican convention in May 2016, losing to State Rep. Dan Carter of Bethel who announced his candidacy a month prior to the convention.

Wolf was attempting to force a primary against Carter in August by collecting signatures, but in a statement he issued today, he said he did not reach the total number needed.

Carter will run against Democrat incumbent Richard Blumenthal in the upcoming November election.

“After 12 months of campaigning, an insider-rigged convention denied us primary ballot access–so we made a decision to petition,” Wolf in his statement. “Sadly we learned this week that our effort fell short, and despite the efforts and encouragement of many, we are now forced to suspend the campaign.”

Wolf endorsed Carter for the seat, calling him “someone Connecticut can be proud of.” He went on to say that Blumenthal “has ruined this state” and he will support Carter’s efforts to send Blumenthal home.

Earlier this month, Wolf’s former staffer Samantha Menh filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against him.

She alleged Wolf made sexual comments towards her that were “severe and pervasive.”