Milford salon owner publishes 'Dance of the Masters'

Milford salon owner Alan Del Monte, owner of Alan Del Monte Salon, has published a book called Dance of the Masters.

Del Monte’s book, which he published through Page Publishing of New York, is a fictional story of success, fate and survival.

“On a sunny Easter morning in New York City, Michael DeAngelo, an ex-Catholic priest, has a life changing accident,” according to a write up about the book. “His car crash, killing two would-be Mafia assassins, saves the life of a Chinese underworld lord, thereby propelling Michael into the mysterious and exotic life of the Chinese Triads.

“While on an island in the South China Sea, under the tutelage of the master of the island, Michael learns ancient Chinese fighting secrets called the ‘Dance of the Masters,’ transforming him into a great warrior. But, fame and power come with a price.”

The book is available in bookstores and online.

Del Monte, 74, started writing about 17 years ago. He spent two years writing Dance of the Masters.

A trumpet player, he lived in New York City for about 10 years during the 1960s and 1970s, when most of the clubs were controlled by the mob. “If you wanted to play in the clubs you had to deal with them,” Del Monte said. “Fortunately for me, the man who became my manager became my very good friend. We were close in age, but from two completely different worlds. I was a high school social studies teacher before I came to New York as a musician.”

Del Monte’s friend had a much different education and background, and Del Monte’s association with him put him into contact with some of the most notorious people in the New York crime scene.

Del Monte has studied many forms of martial arts, as well as Chinese culture and history, for years. He said he sought to blend both worlds together in his book with a fictional and secret form of martial arts.  

Avenging Angel will be the sequel to this book, and, “Yes,” Del Monte said, “it is already written.”

He has also self-published two books of a five-part series called Wolf Harbor, a fictional place in Essex, Conn. That story takes place during World War II. The main character, Martha Frost, a successful novelist and a Columbia University associate professor, leaves New York City to relocate to Essex, where she meets and falls in love with a Connecticut State Police captain who is a widower with three small children.

The second book, The Pirates Island, brings espionage and murder to Charles Island, where agents of Adolph Hitler believe Captain Kidd’s buried treasure is there for the taking to aid in the Nazi war effort.