Milford man publishes 'Politics Beyond Left and Right'

David Ellison, a Milford resident, says he is one of millions of Americans frustrated with not only the partisan politics in Washington, D.C., but how it has seeped into the fabric of society – “making the U.S. an angry nation divided by party lines.”

His first book, recently released, is called Politics Beyond Left and Right, and it centers around the belief that the federal government must be more fiscally responsible and more socially accepting – the type of government, Ellison asserts, that the nation’s founders envisioned and the type of government that is needed to create a more unified nation.

Ellison works in the real estate business — he is partner with his wife, Stephanie, in the Ellison Homes Team, a RE/Max affiliate. He received his bachelor of science degree from Bryant College and is a certified financial planner.

Ellison says he is part of a growing faction that is disgusted by the inability of people with differing views to civilly discuss issues and learn from one another. He argues that each political party has some good ideas, but no one party has a lock on all of them, and that a “country-first attitude” – not the “party-first attitude” that is so prevalent today – would lead to respectful discussions, compromise and better outcomes for all.

His book starts with the lyrics from a Stealers Wheel song: “Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am, stuck in the middle with you.” It’s a sentiment he says likely reflects the way many Americans feel today about the political climate.

In the 122 page book, he shares his views on racism, education, minimum wage, taxes, Social Security, immigration, abortion, gay and lesbian rights and other topics.

“...I do not believe that racism is something anyone is born with,” he writes. “To prove that, just go to any daycare facility and watch the young kids play. They don't care about color; they are just out for a good time with whomever strikes their fancy. Kids are wonderful that way and should be looked upon as experts in race relations. Racism is a learned behavior taught by adults.”

Education, Ellison says in the book, is the key to a successful and prosperous country. He writes that one of the biggest problems today in education is the lack of incentive for teachers to improve.

“And because of tenure, there is little or no penalty for a teacher with a subpar performance,” he writes in Chapter 5. “This must change if all our youth are going to have an equal opportunity of getting a high-quality education.”

In his conclusion, he says he believes 60% to 80% of Americans share his views.

“....therefore, we need to figure out a way to not let the ideological far Left and far Right dominate political agendas and primaries, so that we can end up with good candidates from each party who truly represent the majority of Americans,” he writes.

Writing Politics Beyond Left and Right, which Ellison self published, consisted of several years of research, and then close to a year of writing.

Frustration with today's political climate, including how the news is disseminated, led him to write the book. He said he sees too little civil discussion and compromise, and too many politicians who are more concerned about getting re-elected than they are about making difficult decisions needed to assure the country's financial well-being.

He is also frustrated that so many people say they are not interested in politics and therefore do not get involved and do not vote.

Ellison isn’t sure if he will write another book. He said he will see if Politics Beyond Left and Right catches on, and then decide.

“I am not sure how many people read about politics these days other than on Facebook, which is sad because I have never seen such mean spirited, ideological crap than what I see there,” Ellison said. “In my opinion, Facebook is part of the cause for the divide in this country.”

Politics Beyond Left and Right is available through retailers, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, ITunes, and more.