Kathy Kennedy receives state appointments

State Representative-elect Kathy Kennedy (R-119) has received her appointments from House Republican Leader Themis Klarides (R-114), as to which legislative committees she will serve on during her first term in the General Assembly.

Kennedy, who will represent Milford and Orange, will be sworn in on Jan. 9 when the new legislative session gavels in.

“Committee work is the engine of our legislative process — it’s when citizens can have their say on issues important to them, and it’s when legislators like Rep. Kennedy make the most difference for the people they serve as bill concepts take shape and are eventually debated,” Klarides said. “I’m confident that Kathy will contribute greatly to conversation here in Hartford during the upcoming legislative session.”

Kennedy has been appointed to three committees this session: The Public Health, Education and Environment committees. Each committee has a significant meaning to Kennedy, according to a press release issued on her behalf.

“As past president of the Connecticut PTA, I am keenly aware of the needs of our students, their parents and our wonderful educators who need our support and I will work at the State Capitol to better enhance our state and local education systems for all the stakeholders,” Kennedy said.   

The legislature’s Education Committee handles issues related to the Department of Education, local and regional boards of education and the law of collective bargaining covering teachers and professional employees of those boards as well as the commission on arts, libraries, museums and historical and cultural associations

Kennedy said, “I am really excited about this committee. Public health serves everyone, providing services that protect and promote health and well-being for all. In the past, I have volunteered in the community to raise awareness about the importance of mental health services. Additionally, I am interested in finding ways to combat addiction, especially the current opioid epidemic in our state and across the country, including making sure our emergency first responders have the educational resources they need.”

The Public Health Committee is involved with all matters relating to the Department of Public Health; the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services and the Department of Developmental Services; the Office of Health Care Access; and all other matters relating to health, including emergency medical services, all licensing boards within the Department of Public Health, nursing homes, pure food and drugs, and controlled substances, including the treatment of substance abuse.

The Environment Committee is involved with all matters relating to the Department of Environmental Protection, including conservation, recreation, pollution control, fisheries and game, state parks and forests, water resources, and all matters relating to the Department of Agriculture, including farming, dairy products and domestic animals.