Amanda Berry takes over as senior program director

There is a new face at the Milford Senior Center these days, following Program Director Mary Steinmetz’s retirement.

Amanda Berry, formerly associated with the YMCA as its health and wellness director, has been named as Steinmetz’s successor.

Berry, a graduate of Simpson College, Iowa, majoring in sports administration, began her career in the field of parks and recreation.

Her love of the outdoors began as a child, when she learned to swim early, through city programs, three times a week. Never having seen the ocean until she was 17, she enjoyed the lakeside beach at her grandparents’ home in Iowa. From this early beginning, family activities included water rafting, hiking in the woods behind her parents’ house and canoeing on the Mississippi River.

Working for a year as a fitness director on a cruise ship, she met her husband, a native of England.

Berry has a decisive fix on her future goals at the Milford Senior Center: to help other people realize that health comes in many forms, physical, creative and spiritual. She plans to listen to center members and to provide them with what they may need to enhance good health and positive thinking.

“I’m excited with my new position and I am working toward getting to know the lay of the land and what members are interested in,” Berry said. “Chatting with members to discover their interests and suggestions in the center’s programs is a positive way to begin here at the center.”