Walk Milford Challenge set for Sept. 8

Walks with Buddy, Inc. along with the Milford Prevention Council will be hosting the 2nd annual Walk Milford Challenge on Sept. 8. Last year, more than 100 participants joined the Walk Milford Challenge, covering more than 40 walking routes.
The Walk Milford Challenge raises funds for organizations in the community that help with mental illness and suicide prevention and establishes a fund to help those without insurance. 
The goal of the challenge is for all Milford residents to walk simultaneously in two hours or less. Other than last year’s attempt, this feat has not been done anywhere.
Over the course of two years, Walks with Buddy, Inc. walked the City of Milford one time in its entirety, and is in the process of walking this “Small City with a Big Heart” once again. Others have done long-distance individual walks for various causes across the country, but what sets this challenge apart is that no one has ever attempted to gather a community to walk an entire city in just a few hours for the purpose of raising awareness and funds for a cause.
To register or for more information, visit walkmilfordchallenge.org.