United Way links people to cost-saving prescription cards

United Way of Milford and the FamilyWize Community Service Partnership have teamed up to make prescriptions more affordable for those without insurance or even those who have insurance that doesn't cover their medicine.

FamilyWize cards have saved 3,070 people in the community more than $409,658 on the cost of their medicine, according to the United Way.

Surveys by the Commonwealth Fund note that 52% of uninsured adults with a chronic condition skipped doses or did not fill a prescription for their condition because of the cost, and that 31% of people who had an insurance deductible skipped a dose or didn't fill a prescription because of the cost.

“In 2013, we'd like to see every person in our community who is unemployed, uninsured, has to buy medicine not covered by their health plan or government program, or is unable to get the medicine they need for any reason, get a FamilyWize card from our United Way,” said Gary Johnson, President of the United Way of Milford. “We also encourage them to see what other services we can refer them to — like food banks and pantries, utility and housing assistance, and more. We know these are still hard times for many people and we're here to help.”

United Way of Milford is one of 1,000 local United Ways that have joined the FamilyWize Community Service Partnership over the last seven years.

“Locally or nationwide, what's most important is that most of the time we save people about $20 per prescription when they use this card,” said Johnson. “That's money in their pocket when they need it most to pay bills and other necessities.”

Average savings are almost 40% and can be as high as 75%.

FamilyWize cards can be used at most pharmacies, including chain pharmacies and grocery stores.

To obtain a FamilyWize card contact the United Way of Milford at 203-874-6791, visit familywize.org, or text “family” to 700700 to get a text version of the card.