Property transfers listed for Milford

The following property transfers are copyrighted material previously published in the Commercial Record, a weekly trade paper. It is reprinted with permission from the publisher, The Warren Group,

19 Ard Ct, USA HUD to Yanni Kang, $119,000.

58 Barbara Dr, Sean G. and Lori M. Hitchcock to Brian J. and Rebecca L. Schulte, $437,500.

153 Chapel St, Edward Stehlik to Timothy E. and Joseph F. Mclaughlin, $339,500.

144 Easy St, Trapletti Giulia Est and Philip D. Simone to Lauren A. Secondi, $207,500.

2 Elaine Rd, Post Deborah J Est and Mary P. Post to Ruston A. Spurlock and Andrea Waite, $447,500.

7 Farview Ave, Rachel E. and David M. Durkota to Charles Dumais, $276,000.

310 Foxwood Ln Unit 310, John Wasowski to Kerry Brunn, $156,000.

146 High St Unit 302, Ernst G. Abt to Kathleen D. Anderson, $84,000.

28 Jackson Dr Unit 28, Michelle L. Long to Lori Hitchcock, $186,000.

47 Kerema Ave, Sarah A. Perkins to Joseph A. Lacava, $190,000.

85 Lenox Ave, Che-Ming and Pi-Yu Chiu to Nicolaos Zachariadis, $102,000.

15 Mayflower Pl, John H. Oconnell to Anthony and Cindy Salamanca, $393,000.

150 Mayflower Pl, Barnum Lillian L Est and Kenneth A. Barnum to Tuan S. How and Peter B. Yap, $249,000.

180 Melba St Unit 314, Donald M. and Kathleen C. Grosner to Amelia K. Brenner, $210,750.

551 Milford Point Rd, Bova Delores Est and Anthony Bova to Debra A. Morgan, $263,000.

1070 New Haven Ave Unit 51, USA HUD to Maria E. Vieira, $86,000.

1070 New Haven Ave Unit 60, Gaibor LLC to Christopher Auddino, $115,000.

17 Point Beach Dr, Chemero Patrick J Jr Est and Joseph Chemero to Vazzano Bros Properties, $420,500.

577 Pond Point Ave, Matthew Czaplinski to Craig and Gina Read, $260,000.

15 Rock Rd, Patricia E. Small to Brian M. Shuch and Maria H. Kwon, $738,000.

18 Southern Pkwy, Anthony Salamanca to Stephen A. Defeo, $262,500.

6-10 Stowe Ave, Walter and Cristina M. Oko to Scott X. and Kimberly S. Thompson, $510,000.

27 Way St, Bamf Homes Ltd to Aleshia Johny, $349,900.