Party bike will be in downtown Milford Thursday: Try a ride

(We're told this is a rain or shine event)

The City of Milford is collaborating with Elm City Party Bike to offer several rides in and around Milford throughout the summer. The first is Thursday, May 25, at 4 p.m., starting in front of Milford City Hall.

People can just show up and jump on for 15 to 20 minute rides, according to Julie Nash, director of economic & community development.

“It’s a natural fit to offer this amenity in one of the most bikeable and walkable cities in the state,” said Mayor Ben Blake. “The party bike will partner with a number of neighborhoods and organizations to offer an unmatched experience of our many assets. We will continue to be a destination city and look forward to this partnership.”

The Elm City Party Bike is a whole new way to experience Milford, according to the organization. It offers groups of 8-15 the ability to visit restaurants while viewing architecture, historical sites, the coast and more. Each seat on the party bike has a set of pedals, and while a trained Elm City driver steers the bike, it’s powered by the riders themselves.

“We are honored to take part in some of the best events in the state taking place this spring and summer in Milford,” said Colin Caplan, partner in the Elm City Party Bike. “The Elm City Party Bike offers residents and visitors a green, pedal-powered sightseeing experience, and is another way to show off Milford's amazing shops and restaurants, its storied history and the city's integral sense of place,”

A handful of dates are offered this summer, and the bike may become a permanent fixture next summer.  Please see below for a list of dates.

The bike will launch its first pedal to kick off Memorial Day weekend and summer in Milford on May 25, at 4 p.m. at City Hall, followed by an evening pedal downtown from 6 to 8 p.m.


May 25                          City Hall                                                         4PM

May 25            Downtown Kick Off Tour                           6PM-8PM

June 11            Pirate’s Day                                                  10AM-2PM

July 1                Annual Fireworks Event                             4PM-12AM

July 2                Walnut Beach Tour                                     6PM-8PM

July 29              Woodmont Day                                           10AM-2PM

August 5          Walnut Beach Tour                                     6PM-8PM

August 6          Walnut Beach Tour                                     6PM-8PM

August 19        Oyster Festival                                             10AM-4PM