Overall, gas prices down; CT up a penny from last week

Because of several Midwestern and Western oil supply disruptions, Connecticut gas prices are starting a slow climb. This week, average prices here are up $.01 cents compared to last week, says AAA Northeast.

Overall, however, prices are still lower compared to last month and last year. Today, the average price of gallon of regular gas in The Nutmeg State is $2.29, a penny higher than last week; but $.08 cents lower than last month; and $.96 cents lower than this time last year, according to AAA’s Nov. 9 survey.

On the national level, the story is similar:  The average price of a gallon of self-serve, regular today is $2.22, up $.03 cents compared to last week; but down $.10 cents compared to last month and down $.71 cents compared to last year. This is the sixth consecutive week, all statewide averages are below $3 a gallon and only four states are posting averages above $2.50 a gallon.

Oil prices moved higher earlier last week because of oil supply disruptions from several unplanned outages in the Midwest.  However, the strong supply of global oil most likely will keep prices low as travelers prepare for the upcoming Thanksgiving travel weekend.

This is AAA’s weekly survey of prices in the Nutmeg State’s four regional areas:

Greater Bridgeport/Stamford $2.40

New Haven/Meriden $2.27

Greater Hartford $2.26

New London/Norwich $2.26

Statewide Average: $2.29

Connecticut is now moved up to 19 th place from 23 rd in terms of the state with the highest gas prices. Today, drivers in six states are paying an average below $2 a gallon including South Carolina and Alabama, that both continue to have the lowest average gas prices at $1.95 and $1.96, respectively. Hawaii continues to lead the pack with highest prices in the nation at $2.87, followed by California at $2.84.