Nominations sought for this year’s Living Treasure

The Junior Woman's Club of Milford, in conjunction with the Panel of Common Good, is seeking candidates for the 2014 Milford Living Treasures Award.

Prior Treasures include: Sara Turnbull, 1996, Abigail Gerhard, 1997, Sally Szoke, 1998, Eleanor Hutt, 1999, Margaret Casey, 2000, Alan Jepson, 2001, Judge Bernard F. Joy, 2002, Michael Petrucelli, 2003, Sebastian Boscarino, 2004, Walter Farley, 2005, Thomas Cody, Sr., 2006, Richard Platt, 2007, Claire Phelan, 2008, Robert Blake, 2009, Joy Stonier, 2010, Ann Berman, 2011, Richard Dowin, 2012 and Eric Muth, 2013.

The award will be bestowed upon a candidate whose community service has enriched Milford and made it a better community in which to live.

The individual must meet the following criteria:

Be a current resident of Milford who has lived here for a minimum of 10 years.

Be 65 years of age or older.

Be an extraordinary person whose community service has enriched the community.

Print or type a detailed resume of contributions and accomplishments (volunteerism, organizations, awards won, clubs involved with, offices held) that the nominee has done for the city of Milford, along with the nominator’s name, telephone number and email address.

Also include the name of the nominee, telephone and email address, the nominee's date of birth and address.

Be sure to explain why you consider the nominee a Living Treasure.

The 2014 Living Treasure will be awarded in May or June with a ceremony at City Hall, and his/her name will be added to the Living Treasure Walkway in back of City Hall.

The Living Treasure will be awarded a book of his/her life and a personalized stepping stone, and a life history book will be added to the Milford Public Library.

The mayor, family and friends will be invited to the program, dedicated to the 2014 Milford Living Treasure recipient.

Mail nominations by Feb. 28 to Jerilyn Shannon, Milford Living Treasure Program, Jr. Woman's Club of Milford, 91 Todd Drive, Milford, CT 06461.

Call or email Shannon with any questions, 203-913-1043, or