Milford Election polling places

Following are the polling places for the Nov. 5 election. Polls will be open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Because of redistricting, some people will vote at a different location this year. People can also go to to look up their polling location, but the inquiry has to be exactly the way it is in the voter registration system to work.

1st District (1-1):

JF Kennedy School

404 West Avenue

Acorn Lane, Alfred Road, Andrus Drive, Audubon Close, Barberry Court, Beaverbrook Road, Beech Tree Way, Benjamin Heights Drive, Benneville Road, Bernadine Road, Beth Ann Circle, Bic Drive All:455-565, Bic Drive Odd:205-325, Century Lane, Chestnut Lane, Cornfield Road, Crowley Avenue, Deer Run Trail, East Rutland Road All:166-257, Firethorn Lane, Ford Street Even:166-380, Freedom Road, Greenview Lane, Grinnell Street, Harvest Lane, Haystack Road, High Plains Terrace, Jasmine Circle, Jennifer Lane, Juniper Drive, La Joie Lane, Lexington Green Street, Lexington Way, Lexington Way North, Lexington Way South, Lookout Hill Road, Magnolia Road, Manor House Lane, Milford Hunt Lane, Morrell Avenue, Narrow Lane, Naugatuck Avenue Even:948-1152,1250-1486, Naugatuck Avenue Odd:1249-1507, North Rutland Road, Oak Ridge Lane, Oronoque Road All:336-1255, Oronoque Road Odd:1-325, Paddock Place, Partridge Lane, Plains Road All:183-701, Popes Island Road, Ray Bob Road, River Highland Drive, Rockwood Court, Solomon Hill Road, Spicebush Lane, Tranquility Way, Tulip Tree Court, Viburnum Lane, West Avenue All:404-488, West Rutland Road All:205-471, West Rutland Road Odd:1-189, Westport Place, Wheelers Farms Road All:1-71, Wiley Avenue, Windward Road, Woodhill Road, Yankee Hollow Road, Zion Hill Road All:1-169

1st District (1-2):

Orange Avenue School

260 Orange Avenue

Aberdeen Way, Alexander Road, American Way, Amherst Drive, Ann Rose Drive, Apple Hill Drive, Apple Tree Lane, Ardmore Road, Aspen Circle, Astriab Lane, Augusta Drive, Autumn Ridge Road, Avalon Drive, Beverly Road, Bolt Lane, Bon Air Circle, Booras Lane, Boston Post Road All:1306-1799, Boston Post Road Odd:1183-1201, Boxwood Court, Branca Court, Brett Cliff Road, Brooklawn Court, Brooklawn Drive, Burnt Plains Road, Callaway Drive, Candlewood Road, Caroline Drive, Cedar Hill Road, Cedarhurst Lane All:229-259, Cedarhurst Lane Odd:1-215, Centennial Drive, Cherrywood Drive, Cheryl Ann Drive, Chevelle Place, Christine Terrace, Claudia Drive, Claudia Place, Colony Road, Coram Court, Coram Lane, Country Lane, Cove Avenue, Cynthia Drive, Dale Drive, Dart Hill Road, East Rutland Road All:1-103, Eisenhower Drive, Flax Mill Lane, Flax Mill Terrace, Forest Road All:248-339, Foxwood Close, Foxwood Lane, Fresh Meadow Lane, Gibson Road, Grassland Road, Green Meadow Road, Herbert Street, Hollis Drive, Honeycomb Lane, Honeysuckle Lane, Judith Drive, Julia Court, Kindel Drive, Kozlowski Road, Lakeview Drive, Lavery Lane, Linda Ann Drive, Lori Drive, Lowell Terrace, Macadam Terrace, Mallard Drive, Mansfield Road, Marlboro Drive, Masters Lane, Maxwell Drive, Mill Pond Close, Mountain View Drive, Musket Hill Lane, Myrtlewood Drive, Newton Street, North Street All:324-1000, North Street Odd:273-291, Oak Bluff Road, Old Country Lane, Oljay Terrace, Orange Avenue All:190-820, Parkway Terrace, Paschal Drive, Peck Lane, Pine Knob Terrace, Platt Lane, Platt Lane Ext, Pullman Drive, Quaker Place, Quarry Road All:1-141, Randolph Farm Rd, Randy Road, Red Bush Lane, Red Root Lane, Rita Lane, Robert Dennis Drive, Rosebrook Road, Roses Mill Road, Saint Andrews Lane, Saranac Road, Saw Mill Road, Sherbrooke Road, Sigwin Drive, Singer Terrace, Somerset Lane, Southwick Court North, Stiles Street, Stone Manor Drive, Swanson Crescent, Swanson Drive, Tall Pine Road, Talmadge Drive, Tamarac Lane, Tanglewood Circle, Teresa Drive, Terrel Drive, Todd Drive, Tomahawk Lane, Tumblebrook Drive, Valery Court, Vernon Court, Walnut Street Even:14-118, Weeping Willow Lane, Welles Drive, Wellington Road, Wepawaug Drive, West River Street All:421-1175, Westminster Court, Westwood Road, Wheelers Farms Road All:109-99999, White Birch Drive, Wild Flower Drive, Wolf Harbor Road, Woodmont Road All:1-138, Woodruff Road

2nd District (2-1):

JF Kennedy School

404 West Avenue

Alana Drive, Arlmont Street, Atwood Street Even:2-28, Bailey Lane, Berry Street, Bic Drive Even:220-336, Bona St, Boston Post Road All:1-377,516-582, Boston Post Road Even:398-500,708-736, Boylston Street, Clark Street All:17-193, Clayton Street, Collingsdale Drive, Covington Drive, East Broadway All:681-1009, East Broadway Odd:119-199, Erna Avenue, Finch Street Odd:1-35, Ford Street All:83-137, Ford Street Even:56-64, Ford Street Odd:191-391, Goodchild Street, Gordon Road, Greer Circle Odd:1-207, Gresham Street Odd:1-99999, Hemlock Drive, Henry Albert Drive, High Street All:401-493, High Street Odd:299-355, Hill Street, Housatonic Avenue Even:10-74, Houstonic Avenue Odd:51-77, Innsbruck Street, Jameson Street Even:2-26, John Henry Lane, Joyce Court, Junior Street, Kendall Green Drive, Kent Street Even:2-204, Lester Street, Linwood Street, Lucius Court, Maple Street All:116-150, Marshall Street, Meadow Park Drive, Meadow Street Even:2-200, Mickel Lane, Milford Chase, Munson Street All:1-62, Munson Street Even:72-90, Mustard Seed Lane, Naugatuck Avenue Odd:743-919,929-1169, Norway Street, Nutmeg Lane, Opal Street Even:6-54, Oronoque Road Even:2-310, Pearl Hill Street, Peck Street Even:18-76, Pine Crest Court, Plains Road All:1-129, Raycroft Street, Roller Terrace, Roselle Street, Round Hill Terrace, Rowe Avenue All:1-90, Ruth Ann Terrace, Sassacus Drive, Schoolhouse Road Odd:111-111, Sharon Court, Southworth Street, Spring Lane, Thornton Street All:45-91, Tower Street, Undine Street, Utica Street All:15-106, Valley View Road, Victory Court Victory Crescent, Victory Drive, Walnut Street All:170-207, Washington Street, Wentworth Street, West Avenue All:18-166,204-333,590-695, West Avenue Even:178-196, West Clark Street, West Main Street Even:294-326, West Main Street Odd:287-353, West River Street All:336-386, West River Street Even:326-326, West River Street Odd:255-271, West Rutland Road Even:2-190 002-01, West Town Street Even:80-168, Westfield Road, White Oaks Terrace, Whitwell Street, William Street, Wilson Street, Windy Hill Road, Wooster Street, Zion Hill Road All:186-338, Zurko Farm Road

2nd District (2-2):

Meadowside School

80 Seemans Lane

Albert Street, Alberta Jagoe Court, Alden Court, Alden Place, Amber Lane, Argyle Road,

Art Street, Avery Avenue Even:2-100, Bassett Street, Blair Street, Breakneck Court, Breakneck Lane, Bridgeport Avenue All:734-2070, Bridgeport Avenue Odd:707-717, Broad Street Even:106-294, Carlson Drive, Caroline Street, Center Street, Central Avenue, Charles Street, Chetwood Street, Clark Street All:15-16, Cooper Avenue, Cricklewood Road, Cross Lane, Demaio Drive, Dorsey Lane, East Broadway Even:2-118,1026-1088, Eddy Street, Elder Street, Elgid Drive, Fair Street, Fenway East, Fenway North, Fenway South, Gardner Avenue, Golden Hill Street All:27-999, Great Meadow Drive, Green Street All:36-68, Green Street Even:12-14, Greenfield Road, Hanover Street, Harkness Drive, Hickory Avenue, High Street Even:52-114, Hollywood Avenue, James Street, Jefferson Street, Joy Road Even:80-80, Kinlock Street, Kinlock Terrace, Lafayette Street, Lakeside Road, Lewis Street, Long Beach Avenue, Maddox Avenue, Magellan Drive, Maplewood Avenue Odd:135-283, Mariners Walk, Marion Avenue, Mayfair Close, Mayflower Court, Mayflower Place, Meadows End Road Even:114-178, Meadowside Road All:1-458, Meadowside Road Even:464-530, Midway Avenue, Miles Street, Monroe Street All:114-202, Monroe Street Odd:13-113, Nettleton Avenue, Noble Avenue, Overlook Drive, Overton Avenue, Pearl Street, Pilgrim Lane, Pomona Avenue, Pond Street Odd:3-83, Primrose Street, Pumpkin Delight Road All:26-170, Reed Street, Robbie Circle, Robert Treat Drive, Robert Treat Parkway, Rogers Avenue Odd:1-165, Schoolhouse Road Odd:33-33, Scott Street, Seaside Avenue All:44-309, Seaside Avenue Even:2-32, Seaside Court, Seemans Lane, Shea Avenue, Shell Avenue, Silver Street, South Washington Street, Surf Avenue, Thompson Street, Topfield Road, Tremont Street, Underhill Road, Union Street, Viscount Drive, Wayland Court, Wayland Road, West Mayflower Place, West Shore Drive, Willow Street, Wilshire Boulevard, Winston Court, Woodside Terrace

3rd District (3-1):

West Shore Recreation

14 Benham Avenue

Andrews Avenue, Ann Street, Ard Court, Ash Street, Avery Avenue Odd:1-199, Beechwood Avenue, Belfast Street, Benham Avenue, Benson Street, Bertrose Avenue, Birch Avenue, Bismark Avenue, Bittersweet Avenue, Boothbay Street, Botsford Avenue, Bray Avenue, Bridgeport Avenue All:542-702, Bridgeport Avenue Even:706-718, Bridgewater Avenue, Briggs Court, Broadway, Brookdale Avenue, Burdette Place, Carter Drive, Casco Street, Chatham Avenue, Chesterfield Court, Court Street, Crabtree Lane, Datura Avenue, Deerwood Avenue, Derby Avenue, Devonshire Road, Dewey Avenue, Division Street, East Broadway Odd:1-109, Eighth Avenue, Elizabeth Street, Fairfield Street, Fairwood Avenue, Falmouth Street, Fern Street, Fifth Avenue, First Avenue All:245-315, First Avenue Ext, Flora Street, Fourth Avenue, Fourth Avenue Ext, Francis Street, Garden Street, Glenwood Avenue, Grand Street, Grant Street, Harrison Avenue, Hauser Street, Highwood Road, Hobson Avenue, Holbrook Street, Holly Street, Holly Street Ext, Honek Street, Janet Street, Joanne Drive, John Street, Jones Court, Joy Road Odd:1-71, Kay Avenue, Kirkside Avenue, Kittery Street, Knoll Avenue, Laconia Lane, Lansdale Avenue, Laurel Avenue, Lee Court, Lincoln Avenue, Lucille Drive, Manilla Avenue, Maplewood Avenue Even:140-282, Marietta Avenue, Marsh Street, Meadows End Road All:12-109,187-334, Meadows End Road Odd:115-177, Meadowside Road Odd:467-481, Merritt Avenue, Milford Point Road, Miller Avenue, Monroe Street Even:4-94, Morning Mist Road, Naugatuck Avenue All:12-393, Nells Road, Norman Circle, Oakdale Street, Ocean Avenue, Old Point Road, Olde Elm Close, Oregon Avenue, Oregon Avenue South, Orient Avenue, Page Street, Park Avenue, Peak Avenue, Phelan Park Drive, Pickett Street, Prospect Drive, Pumpkin Delight Road All:1-20, Ricky Road, Rockfield Street, Roswell Street, Saco Street, Sampson Avenue, Sand Street, Schoolhouse Road Even:10-10, Seaflower Road, Seaview Avenue, Second Avenue, Second Avenue Ext, Seventh Avenue, Shorefront, Shweky Beach Way, Sixth Avenue, Smith Avenue, Smith's Point Road, Spindrift Lane, Stanley Street, Stone Street, Stovell Street, Stowe Avenue. Sumner Avenue, Sunset Avenue, Sycamore Drive, Third Avenue, Third Avenue Ext, Tibbals Street, Trolley Circle, Tudor Road, Turnor Avenue, Twin Oaks Terrace, Vincent Street, Vista Avenue, Walnut Avenue, Walton Street, Waterbury Avenue, Waterview Landing, Welton Street, Wheeler Avenue, Whitney Avenue, Wildemere Avenue, Wildwood Avenue, Windsong Lane, Wood Avenue, York Avenue,

3rd District (3-2):

Margaret Egan Center

35 Mathew Street

Atwood Street Odd:1-35, Austin Road, Avon Street, Baker Street, Baldwin Street, Beard Place, Berkeley Terrace, Berwyn Street, Bilyard Street, Birch Place, Bridgeport Avenue All:1-489, Cambridge Avenue, Camden Street, Cannon Street, Church Street, Cleveland Avenue, Colonial Avenue, Concord Avenue, Cottage Street All:169-183, Cowles Street, Crescent Drive, Dayton Street, Daytona Avenue, Dogwood Place, Eastern Parkway, Edgemont Road, Ellis Street, Fairview Street, Finch Street All:36-98, Finch Street Even:22-34, Florence Avenue, Fulton Street, Granville Avenue, Gresham Street Even:2-99998, Grove Circle, Hackett Avenue, Harold Avenue, Hayes Drive, Hazelwood Avenue, Housatonic Drive, Hubbell Place, Intervale Parkway, Jameson Street Odd:3-27, Judson Place, Kent Street Odd:1-203, Kerema Avenue, Kohary Drive, Lenox Avenue, Loomis Street, Mathew Street, Munson Street Odd:77-99, Naugatuck Avenue All:414-734, Naugatuck Avenue Even:744-864, Northwood Place, Oldroyd Street, Opal Street All:77-99, Opal Street Odd:15-61, Ormond Street, Pequot Street, Regent Terrace, Ridge Street, Rivercliff Drive, Riverside Drive, Riverview Street, Robert Street, Robert Street Ext, Rowe Avenue All:100-270, Sachem Street, Sailors Lane, South Kerema Avenue, South Woodland Drive, Southern Parkway, Spring Street, Strathmore Avenue, Thornton Street Even:108-120, Utica Street Even:10-10, Warfield Street, Warwick Avenue, Waverly Avenue, West Avenue Odd:179-199, Woodland Drive

4th District:

Foran High School

80 Foran Road

Abigail Street, Anderson Avenue, Andover Drive , Ansantawae Road , Applewood Lane, Arrowhead Drive, Ashburn Lane, Ashwood Road, Aster Road, Atwater Street, Barbara Drive, Barn Lane, Barrow Street, Baxter Lane Even:14-150, Baxter Lane Odd:43-77, Beach Avenue, Beacher Road, Belmont Street, Benjamin Street, Bird Lane, Blackall Road, Blue Jay Drive, Bonsilene Street, Breezy Lane, Brewster Road Even:2-186,276-296, Brewster Road Odd:1-99999, Buckingham Avenue Even:842-848, Burwell Avenue, Burwell Court, Carmen Road, Carmen Road North, Carmen Road South, Carriage Drive, Carriage Lane, Carriage Path North, Carriage Path South, Cascade Boulevard, Catherine Court, Cedar Spring Road, Chapel Street, Chaucer Court, Chelsea Circle, Chester Street Odd:43-71, Christopher Drive, Clinton Street, Clover Street All:26-49, Columbia Drive, Coolridge Road, Cora Circle, Cora Place, Cornflower Drive, Crest Place, Crestwood Road, Crestwood Road Ext, Dalton Road, Davenport Avenue, Dellwood Drive, Depot Road, Devine Pl, Devol Street, Dixon Street, Dorothy Street, Downs Way, Drexel Road, Dunbar Road, Earle Street, Easy Street, Edgefield Avenue, Elaine Road, Elgin Road, Ella Circle, Entrance Road, Erin Lane, Essex Drive, Farley Road, Farview Avenue, Foran Road, Franklin Road, Freemont Avenue, Gerard Street, Gillette Street, Grapevine Row, Greenwich Way, Grove Street, Hale Avenue, Harley Road, Harmony Lane, Hawley Avenue, Heenan Drive, Highview Avenue, Hilldale Court, Hilldale Road, Hillside Avenue, Hilltop Circle, Hilltop Circle East, Howard Court, Howe Place, Howe Street, Hunters Run Road, Jackson Drive, Katydid Lane, Kensington Street, Kenwood Road, Kerry Court, Kings Highway, Lance Lane, Laura Street, Lilac Lane, Linden Drive, Little Pond Road, Live Oaks Road, Londonderry Lane, Lyda Drive, Lynmoor Street, Macintosh Road Odd:11-11, Manor Drive, Marble Lane, Marie Street, Marino Drive Odd:225-225, Mark Street, Market Place, Mary Ellen Drive, McDermott Street, McQuillan Dr., Meetinghouse Lane, Melba Street All:204-292, Melba Street Even:134-180, Melba Street Odd:121-185, Mercury Drive, Merwin Avenue, Millard Drive, Mills Avenue All:1-71, Mills Avenue Odd:83-93, Mont Street, Morehouse Avenue, Morningside Drive, New Haven Avenue All:1037-1668, Nicole Drive, Nolan Terrace, Northmoor Road, Norwood Avenue, Olive Street All:30-48, Olive Street Odd:9-9, Orchard Road, Oxford Road, Pamela Drive, Paris Street, Parkland Place, Paul Braun Court, Pearson Avenue, Pelham Street, Penn Common, Pier Court, Platt Street, Point Beach Drive, Poli Terrace, Pond Point Avenue All:498-630, Pond Point Avenue Even:368-490, Pond Point Avenue Odd:359-485, Prindle Drive, Private Way, Prospect Street All:1-2, Quarry Road Even:320-324, Quirk Road, Research Drive All:181-259, Richard Street, Ridgewood Drive, Riverdale Road, Rock Lane, Rock Road, Rock Street, Rosemary Court, Russell Road, Ryder-First Park Street, Ryder-Fourth Park Street, Ryder-North Park Road, Ryder-Quarry Park Road, Ryder-Second Park Street, Ryder-South East Park Road, Ryder-Third Park Street, Ryder-W 4th Park Street, Salem Walk, Saley Road, Sandpiper Circle, Sandpiper Crescent, Seabreeze Avenue, Seahawk Court, Seneca Place, Settlers Ridge Road Even:34-174, Shamrock Road, Sheards Court, Sheffield Road, Shelley Circle Snowapple Lane Odd:105-139, Soundview Avenue, Soundview Place, South Street, South Wind Lane, Sparrowbush Lane, Spencer Street, Sperry Court, Sperry Street, Springdale Street, Squire Court, Stevens Street, Summit Avenue, Swift Street, Terrace Road, Thompson Hill Road, Turtle Lane, Tyler Road, Unity Lane, Usher Street, Vermont Avenue, Villa Rosa Terrace, Village Road, Vine Street, Virginia Street, Wall Street, Wanda Road, Warner Street, Watrous Lane, Wayne Road, Wendy Road, Westmoor Road, Whalley Avenue, Whippoorwill Drive, Windsor Road, Woodmont Road Even:408-408, Yale Avenue

5th District:

Harborside Middle School

175 High Street

Adams Avenue, Alpha Street, Anchorage Drive, Applejack Lane, Barton Road, Baxter Lane Odd:9-29,91-151, Baxter Lane All:159-298, Bayberry Lane, Bayshore Drive, Bayshore Drive Ext, Beachland Avenue, Beacon Hill Lane, Bedford Avenue, Berner Terrace, Bianca Drive, Boston Post Road All:591-696,755-1083, Boston Post Road Even:1112-1292, Boston Post Road Odd:395-493,719-735, Brewster Road Even:240-274, Briarwood Lane, Bristol Terrace, Broad Street All:1-94, Broad Street Odd:107-247, Bryan Hill Road, Buckingham Avenue All:1-839, Buckingham Place, Buick Avenue, Butternut Lane, Calf Pen Lane, Campfield Circle, Canterbury Lane, Captains Walk, Cardinal Drive, Carrington Avenue, Castle Lane, Cedarhurst Lane Even:2-226, Cherry Street, Chester Street All:1-35, Chester Street Even:44-62, Cindy Circle, Cinnamon Road Claremont Circle, Clark Hill Road, Clover Street All:7-8, Commodore Place, Corona Circle, Corona Drive, Cottage Street All:1-2, Creeland Avenue, Crown Street, Daggett Street, Daniel Street, Darina Place, Davarlin Terrace, Davis Drive, Dawes Street, Deerfield Avenue, Depot Street, Dock Road, Dolphin Drive, Driftwood Lane, East Avenue, East Broadway Odd:1033-1091, Edgewater Place, Edgewood Avenue, Eels Hill Road, Elm Street, Elton Street, Ettadore Park, Eveningside Drive, Factory Lane, Field Court, First Avenue All:1-75, Ford Street All:1-49, Forest Road All:1-220, Founders Way, Fowler Terrace, French Drive, George Street, Glen Street, Golden Hill Street All:1-26, Governors Avenue, Grandview Terrace, Grassy Lane, Green Court, Green Street Odd:9-31, Greer Circle Even:2-206, Gulf Pond Lane, Gulf Road, Gulf Street, Gulfview Court, Gunn Street, Harborside Drive, Harborview Avenue, Hattie Lane, Helwig Street, High Street All:1-42,115-265, High Street Even:294-370, High Street Odd:51-113, Hillcrest Avenue, Hitching Post Lane, Home Acres Avenue, Hoover Street, Housatonic Avenue Odd:9-35, Hoyt Street, Indian Hill Road, Indian River Road, Ingersol Road, Jepson Drive, Jerome Lane, Kenmore Lane, Knobb Hill Road, Knollwood Road, Lambert Drive, Lamplight Lane, Laurelton Court, Lawrence Avenue, Lawrence Court, Leighton Road, Liberty Street, Lindy Street, Locust Street, Long Island View Road, Ludlow Drive, Macintosh Road Even:10-18, Maple Street All:1-2,7-114, Marino Drive All:9-205, Marino Drive Even:224-224, Meadow Street Odd:1-199, Melba Street All:2-119, Melba Street Even:122-122, Merlin Circle, Midwood Road, Milesfield Avenue, Mills Avenue All:124-154, Mills Avenue Even:84-104, Millwood Street, Minute Man Drive, Mohawk Circle, Morris Lane, Myers Court, Myers Lane, Nantrin Terrace, Nayer Lane, New Haven Avenue All:1-21,33-1033, North Street All:8-263, North Street Even:280-290, Oakland Avenue, Odell Avenue, Old Field Lane, Old Gate Lane, Olive Street Odd:21-21, Orange Avenue All:1-189, Oriole Lane, Orland Street, Overhill Road, Oyster Landing Road, Park Circle, Pascip Street, Pauline Street, Peach Tree Lane, Peck Street Odd:9-67, Pepes Farm Road, Plymouth Court, Plymouth Place, Point Lookout, Point Lookout East, Pond Point Avenue All:1-290, Pond Point Avenue Even:304-350, Pond Point Avenue Odd:293-345, Pond Street Even:4-98, Prospect Street All:3-99999, Quarry Road Odd:183-333, Railroad Avenue, Ranch Road, Ranch Terrace, Research Drive All:1-158, Revere Place, Ridgemont Lane, River Street, Riveredge, Robbins Court, Robin Lane, Rogers Avenue All:183-245, Rogers Avenue Even:2-164, Rose Street, Ross Street, Schooner Lane, Seaside Avenue Odd:11-35, Sentinel Hill Road, Settlers Ridge Road Odd:17-183, Shadows End Lane, Shadyside Lane, Shagbark Lane, Shelter Cove Road, Shipyard Lane, Snowapple Lane Even:2-172, Snowapple Lane Odd:1-89,155-171, Snug Harbor Road, Spruce Circle, Spruce Street, Stagecoach Circle, Strawberry Hill Road, Summer Place, Sunnyside Court, Sylvan Court, Tapping Circle, Timber Trail, Tippy Road, Trumbull Avenue, Vernal Pass, Walker Street, Walnut Street All:154-154, Walnut Street Odd:19-111, Wampus Lane, Ward Street, Warren Drive, Warren Street, Welchs Point Road, West Main Street All:15-18,36-282, West Main Street Even:290-290, West Orland Street, West River Street All:1-253, West River Street Even:272-312, West River Street Odd:285-329, West Town Street All:1-13, West Town Street Odd:25-163, Westland Avenue, Whitman Place, Wilbar Avenue, Wilcox Road, Winthrop Court, Winthrop Place, Woodhead Drive, Woodmont Road Even:190-354, Woodmont Road Odd:153-361,417-451.

People with questions can call the Registrar of Voters office at 203-783-3240.