Mary Taylor shares ministry with Ghana Emmanuel

The public is invited to attend a Covenant Celebration Service in the sanctuary of Mary Taylor Memorial United Methodist Church, 168 South Broad Street (on the Green), on Sunday, Nov. 13 at 5 p.m.

The occasion is to celebrate the Shared Ministry Covenant between the congregation and a new church start, the Ghana Emmanuel United Methodist Church. Mary Taylor Memorial Church is “nesting” Ghana Emmanuel Church in its facility.

Ghana Emmanuel Church is comprised of Christian disciples from Ghana, or with Ghanaian heritage, living along the Connecticut coast between Bridgeport and New Haven. Many grew up in Methodism in Ghana, West Africa and want to worship in Akan, one of the dialects of Ghana, church officials explained. (The official language of Ghana, a former British colony, is English.)  They began services in a private home in April. In September, with the approval of their leaders and the host church, they began worshipping in the Chapel at Mary Taylor Memorial Church.

The Covenant Celebration Service will include elements from both Ghanaian and American church traditions, including music, food and presenting the afternoon offering based on the day of the week one was born — ushers will assist with this. The worship will be primarily in English with some translation in Akan.

The sermon, “All in the Family,” will be delivered by the Rev. David Gilmore, Director of Congregational Development for the regional United Methodist Church.

After worship the public is invited to join the two congregations in an informal time of food and fellowship. Parking is ample and the church is handicapped-accessible.