Letter: Local fisheries thanks community for support

To the editor:
I wish to thank the communities served by the Milford Mirror for all of their continued support during the partial government shutdown and beyond. It was heartwarming to read of the actions by neighbors, businesses, non-profits, schools, spousal clubs, associations, other government organizations and many others. Your support emphasizes the importance of local communities and our role in them.
NOAA Fisheries is responsible for fisheries, protected species, aquaculture, and marine ecosystems and habitats. Staff at our Milford lab work on issues from North Carolina to Maine, but are part of the local communities in Connecticut. Every year we hold public events to share the regional and national science being done at our labs.
We hope you will join in Milford at our open house on Saturday, Oct. 19, to learn more about the science we do. We remain committed to continuing to serve our communities by promoting the prosperity of fisheries and marine resources.
Jon Hare
Northeast Fisheries Science Center
NOAA Fisheries