Girl Scouts remove invasive species from Wilcox Park

Milford Girl Scout Troop 38305 recently completed two projects for their Silver Award, the second highest award in Girl Scouting.

The first project involved removing invasive species such as mugwort, oriental bittersweet and Japanese knotweed from Wilcox Park in Milford. The area was then planted with native plants that provide food for wildlife and birds.

The improved habitat is part of a “Fly by” for migratory birds. The community was educated about this project with a brochure that the girls created to describe the problem with invasive species in Milford’s woodlands and wetlands.

The second project involved the creation of a colonial flower garden at the Eells-Stow house at the Milford Historical Society. The plants included in the garden were growing in 1700 and had medicinal or culinary uses. The plants were labeled with their name and use during colonial times. The girls also created a brochure to explain the project as a celebration of the 375th anniversary of Milford's founding.

The troop had help from the city’s Inland Wetland Department and the director of open space, as well as the Milford Historical Society.