Fishing winners named in recent trout derby

The following youngsters were winners in the recent Children’s Trout Derby, sponsored by the Milford Striped Bass Club.

Casting Contest

Age five and under: Tyler Stetter and Kayleigh Robertos

Age six to eight: Robbi Passoni and Sage Paskowitz

Age nine to 12: Jacob Leite and Elizabeth Miska

Age 13 to 15: Jonathan Schmedlin and Jessica Gluchanich


Nick Higgins, 19-inch rainbow

Rainbow Trout

First place, Brynn Herrera 19 inch; Charlie Gembrewitz, 18 1/2; Elizabeth Miska, 17 3/4.

Brook Trout

Krista Rich, 14 inch; Benjamin Messena 13 1/2; Jonathan Schmedlin, 13.

Brown Trout

Sage Paskowitz, 13 1/2; Anikin Leary, 12 1/2; Elizabeth Eng, 12.

Golden Trout

John Mizzone, 19; Dean Cavallo, 14; Alexis Procara, 14.