The following youngsters were winners in the recent Children’s Trout Derby, sponsored by the Milford Striped Bass Club.

Casting Contest

Age five and under: Tyler Stetter and Kayleigh Robertos

Age six to eight: Robbi Passoni and Sage Paskowitz

Age nine to 12: Jacob Leite and Elizabeth Miska

Age 13 to 15: Jonathan Schmedlin and Jessica Gluchanich


Nick Higgins, 19-inch rainbow

Rainbow Trout

First place, Brynn Herrera 19 inch; Charlie Gembrewitz, 18 1/2; Elizabeth Miska, 17 3/4.

Brook Trout

Krista Rich, 14 inch; Benjamin Messena 13 1/2; Jonathan Schmedlin, 13.

Brown Trout

Sage Paskowitz, 13 1/2; Anikin Leary, 12 1/2; Elizabeth Eng, 12.

Golden Trout

John Mizzone, 19; Dean Cavallo, 14; Alexis Procara, 14.